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Uncovering Gems at Lauxmont Farms

There isn't ever going to be a time where we--the Lauxmont Farms wedding team and family--won't look forward to seeing what a combination of talented vendors can create. From weddings to styled shoots, the right team of vendors coming from all over the map with a common goal in mind is a truly beautiful thing.

Not only do we love this particular styled shoot--captured by the Kemp Collective and Victoria Selman--because of its obvious beauty and unique style, but also because the entire team of vendors did such an incredible job at supplementing and displaying parts of Lauxmont Farms' Cobblestone Courtyard wedding venue that have so much meaning behind them:

The Cobblestone Courtyard's hidden gem, the GlassHouse -- where so many partners have turned around to see the love of their life, dressed to the nines for their special day for the first time... where countless kisses have been shared and promises written on crumpled pieces of paper have been brought to life... where wildflowers grow and butterflies flutter, and where beautiful photographs are taken to create wedding memories that will last a lifetime and beyond.

The Courtyard -- where guests' bare feet meet nature when the beautiful greenery seeps between the cobblestones and where dances are shared underneath the Italian-style lighting above an open-air dance floor.

The Dove Nest Bar -- where conversations are had over a cocktail and friendships are created over a good beer.

The Stone Trellis -- where blooming flowers and ivy vines grow in harmony... where couples stand in front of their closest family and friends to solidify their love into a lifelong marriage.

This vendor team came and conquered... And whether they knew (or not) that they were capturing such meaningful places and aspects of the courtyard at Lauxmont that arise such fond, precious memories, they did such a phenomenal job doing so.

The courtyard, the glasshouse, the stone trellis, and the dove covey bar are just a few of many gems on the property. Where is your favorite spot at Lauxmont Farms?


Vendor Team:

Photographers - Victoria Selman & Kemp Collective

Florist - Moss & Vine

Models - @daniellewrightrealtor and @xjahwise_


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