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Small World After All

We love working with every one of our couples, and we love hearing each and every one of their backstories. This couple's story meant a lot to us, and it truly showed us what a small world it is after all.

Upon inquiring, the bride told us, "On one of our first dates (he has a 69' truck that he restored), we were driving around back roads in his truck and we passed Lauxmont Farms. He said how he always wanted to get married there..."

And the rest was history!

We are absolutely in awe of the way Gabrielle & Ben incorporated their values and their relationship in every way on their wedding day at the Rotunda of Lauxmont Farms--from the cross arbor at the Rotunda, to the vibrant flowers done by Butera the Florist (where Gabrielle works), to the restored truck being a part of their ceremony.

We felt it, too, but the bride told us following the wedding day, "The day truly felt like a fairytale."



Venue: Lauxmont Farms Weddings, Rotunda


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