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Moody Wedding Must-Haves

An essential part of your early wedding-planning stages is picking the overall feel or “vibe” of your wedding. This guides you in vendor selection, dress and suit choices, decor, and much more. Contrary to popular belief, moody weddings are not just for fall and winter and this wedding scheme can work year-round. So, if you’re drawn toward jewel tones, darker colors, and an edgy, sultry feel, a moody wedding is perfect for you.

Searching on Pinterest and TikTok are essential for wedding inspiration (Psst- follow us!). Here are some keywords besides “moody wedding” that’ll help you unlock even more photo and video ideas.

  • Modern

  • Gothic

  • Industrial

  • Forest

  • Romantic

  • Edgy

  • Sultry

  • Earthy

The color palette of your wedding is one of the key ways to get the right feeling. Dark neutrals and jewel tones are the basis of a moody wedding. Contrary to popular belief, a moody wedding doesn’t have to be all black- or even have black at all! You can lean towards other dark neutrals to build a base palette, such as darker tans or even off-white shades. For your pops of color, jewel tones are going to be your best friend. These can be emeralds, rubies, or blue hues that give dimension to those neutrals. Forest greens come into play with the florals. Lots of greenery gives that “forest” feel often sought after for moody weddings. An added bonus is that greens are cheaper than florals! Build a base layer of these forest greens, add your jewel-toned flowers, and ta-da! The moody color palette of your dreams.

Bold linens are another essential element of a moody wedding. When we hear the word “bold” we often think of “bright”, but that isn’t necessarily the case here. Bold linens are a statement- they stand out from your table in a way a classic white tablecloth would not. A great formula is: dark neutral tablecloth, jewel-toned or earthy runner, then plates in metal tones (extra pops of color always welcome). You can also buy or thrift colored glassware in your theme for more color. The glassware being mix-and-match gives the eclectic yet organized feel that many modern brides or grooms search for. Tables are great places for unique florals as well. Succulents fit into a moody wedding wonderfully and even make great favors.

What’s the best way to set the mood? Candles. They are an inexpensive way to get your moody vibe, but are also something you can be incredibly creative with. Colored candles are a wonderful way to expand on your color scheme discussed earlier, or you can go for a simple white tea candle to cast it’s light over your wedding. We’d recommend mixing the heights of your candles: some tall, some short, some right in between. This adds visual interest to display areas, such as dining or gift tables.

Lastly, choose the right photographer. Every photographer has a feeling and style they capture best and gravitate towards. Some are best with cute, light and bright photos, while others can catch the more sultry and romantic vibe your moody wedding photos will need. Check out the work the photographers you’re considering are putting on display- it will be easy to tell if they’re compatible with your wedding. Of course, photographers are diverse and able to capture many styles, but everyone has their preference!

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