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How to Keep Your Guests Comfortable in Summer Heat

The summer months are a great time for a wedding but they present one problem: the heat. This is definitely something to think about, especially if your wedding is going to be outside. Keeping your guests happy and comfortable while they celebrate your wedding will help make sure that your day runs smoothly. Hopefully, your wedding day will be accompanied by a slight breeze and manageable temperatures, but if it isn't, here are some tips on how to beat the heat:

Incorporate Fans into the Day

Handing out fans is a great way to keep your guests cool while they are attending your wedding. It’s also a great chance to personalize a wedding favor by including your names, wedding slogan, or a picture of the happy couple onto the fans. These can be as fancy as you want, but a DIY can be just as functional and nice too! Simply using paper with your signature colors, cutting it into a heart-shape, and adding a handle can be classy and practical to give your guests a breeze! Another option is to include your wedding details on the fans as a reminder to guests of the timeline for the day.

Have Water at the Ready

It may seem like a no-brainer to make sure that there is a water station at your wedding, but don't underestimate how much water your guests will need. Stock your beverages well and make sure that you have a reserve supply to break into if necessary. As a bonus, consider adding some extra hydrating drinks such as coconut water or a sports drink.

Make sure that this station is in an area that will make it easy for people to make plenty of trips over to rehydrate. You don't want your guests to have to walk completely away from the party to get a drink. This is only going to deter them so make sure that this relief area is easily located. If you have people walking around with appetizers at your wedding, see if they can also bring around drinks and water. In simpler words, make sure that your guests can’t ignore the option to hydrate themselves.

Send Out a Pre-Wedding Reminder

A gentle reminder to your guests to be mindful of the conditions of your wedding will help them to come prepared. This can be done easily by expressing how excited you are to celebrate with them in a few days, but to remember that the weather is calling for high temperatures and to be prepared! Encourage hats, sunscreen, sunglasses and anything else that will make them feel comfortable.

Add Chilled Food and Drink to Your Menu

When thinking about your appetizers, keep in mind that while guests are mingling outside, they may not enjoy eating a spicy hot treat if temperatures are high. Adding in some options that may be more appetizing can assure you that your guests will be satisfied and that you don’t waste your money on food that won’t be eaten.

You can take this a step further with also including frozen drinks to your menu. Having a ready option for an icy drink will make the heat feel much more manageable.

If There are Shaded Areas, Use Them to Your Advantage

Keep a lookout for areas with shade in your venue, and make sure to encourage your guests to use them. You can do this by setting up furniture, such as cocktail tables and chairs, in these areas. Guests will migrate to these areas for some relief and you will want to anticipate the use of the shade.

If there are not a lot of shady areas to utilize, create your own portable shade by offering umbrellas and parasols to your guests. This will allow them to mingle about without having to worry about constant, direct sun.

Be Mindful of the Furniture that You Use

Something to consider is using chairs and seating that is not going to attract sun onto your guests. The last thing you want is someone who can’t sit during your ceremony because their chair is too hot! Metal chairs in the sun on a hot day are not going to do your guests any favors. Opt for material that will not heat up, and include a bit of a cushion to make sure that this will not be something to worry about.

Use Your Wedding Favors to Your Advantage

Fans are one way to do this, but embroidered handkerchief and washclothes are another option. They can be used the day of the wedding as a chilled washcloth to keep cool, and also as a fun token of your celebration. You can get fancy with these, adding a touch of your day onto them with an embroidered monogram or symbol.

Consider the Timing of Your Wedding

You don’t want to have your guests sitting out in the sun for your ceremony during the hottest part of the day. Take this into consideration when planning the timeline of your wedding. Pushing things back even just a little later in the day can make a huge difference in everyone being comfortable!


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