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Fall '22 Trend Predictions


  • Vintage-inspired engagement rings are making their modern debut! Oval diamonds are leading the way, with touches of gold creating the perfect timeless ring.


  • Dried or bleached flowers are a wonderful way to accessorize your modern boho wedding. They add a spin to the florals we all expect at a wedding and make preserving the flowers that much easier. Bouquet preservation is also becoming very popular, with the florals being turned into artwork or coffee tables. This is a wonderful way to incorporate a part of your wedding day into your home with your spouse!

  • Bold colors are becoming a must for any trendy fall wedding. Oranges, yellows, greens, and reds are the center of fall weddings. Muted, earthy tones are a thing of the past; let the colors be bright and noticeable, making your decor pop.

  • Want to elevate your flower arrangements? Try adding hanging florals to your reception space.


  • Non-traditional wedding attire is all the rage. This can mean many things, depending on the couple. Do you want your guests to be casual, in clothing they would often wear? Then choose a casual dress code! Along with this, themed weddings are rising in popularity. We’ve seen disco, The Great Gatsby, New Year's Eve, and even Vikings!

    • A theme can dictate decorations, music choices, guest attire, and venue. Lauxmont is perfect for those who want a themed wedding, as we offer 4 different venues. They can be transformed into whatever story you’d like to tell.

  • Pearls- timeless, elegant, classy. They’ve been making a comeback (although they never really left) into hair, veils, gowns, and even nails!


  • A wedding is a party! This means having different activities or services for you and your guests to enjoy. One rising trend we love to see is hiring a live painter to paint your first dance. This is a beautiful way to have the memory on display for years to come. Similarly, you could hire a painter to paint guests, or an artist to draw caricatures. This is such a fun way for your guests to be celebrated and leave with a unique favor.

  • If you’re on wedding TikTok, I guarantee you’ve seen champagne towers and if you’re anything like us, you love them! These provide picture-perfect moments and are a great way to kick off your reception and any toasts given. If you’re having an alcohol-free wedding, you can still hop on this trend- just use sparkling cider!

  • Instead of the typical flower girl and ring bearer, we’ve seen many creative alternatives. For instance: Flower Grandmas. Nobody loves you like a grandmother does, and having them serve as “flower grannies” is a sweet and memorable way to include them in your ceremony.

  • If you have a particularly outgoing groomsman or a friend that just knows how to get the party started, it sounds like you’ve found your Beer Boy! These guys may not be someone you trust with the rings, but they sure can pass out a beer or seltzer to your guests on their way down the aisle, complete with entrance music and a few dance moves. If you’ve got the crowd for this, do it! It’s a great way to set the tone for the party your wedding will be.

  • Guest books. We all want one, but aren’t always sure how to make it fun or personal. Try incorporating voicemail guest books! These look like phones, and your guests can dial in and leave you a message. This lets you hear their voice through these recordings for years to come.

  • Your bridal party is made up of the people closest to you. You’ve shared highs and lows, good times and bad, laughs and tears. And you know what comes with this? Roast-worthy information. Roasting your bridal party as they enter the reception is becoming more popular, as it should! These laughs introduce your guests to your closest friends and are wonderful conversation starters.

At the end of the day, trends are constantly changing thanks to the quick cycle of today’s world. It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen something a hundred times or never before, as long as it’s what will truly make you and your partner happy and express your personalities. Your wedding day should reflect your love and yourselves, so whatever you do to show this means you're having the perfect wedding for you. Your wedding will be unique because it’s yours.


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