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Lessons Learned from a Lauxmont Love: Advice for Couples on Their Wedding Day

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

It’s true what they say—we learn from experience. So, who better to give advice to couples on their wedding day than a couple who has recently been married?

I had the privilege of meeting Madeline & Kevin, who got engaged in a field of wildflowers (dreamy, isn’t it?) and were recently married at the Lauxmont Farms Cobblestone Courtyard venue, and here is their advice for couples who are soon-to-be married:


1. Book a venue that fits your personality.

Madeline: "Lauxmont was the first place we ever toured, and it ended up being the only one we toured, because we fell in love with the Cobblestone Courtyard and we loved the flexibility the venue offered and what we were able to do with the venue."

2. Book the vendors that you love!

Madeline: "We loved that we were able to have friends as vendors at our wedding. We also met so many of our vendors, including our photographer, Katy Trefry, and our florist, Laura Kohr, at the Fall in Love Wedding Vendor Show at Lauxmont Farms. We also met our string quartet, Vivace Live, at the Fall in Love show, where we won a free cocktail hour performance and fell in love with the group."


1. Take the DIY route!

Kevin: "For more of the personalized items, we did a lot of Etsy purchases, but for the centerpieces, we found everything from the Central Market in Lancaster, and we did all of those ourselves!"

2. Draw inspiration from your personality.

Madeline: "We were inspired by our similarities: hiking, outdoors, art, and nature-y and welcome-y feelings. The first thing our guests saw when they walked in was a sign that says, "Come as you are." We wanted them to come in feeling comfortable and feeling themselves. That idea was what we wanted to portray the most, but also our natural beliefs, which is why there were bunches of eucalyptus and lavender, as well as some herbal-y décor."


Let's just face it. From start to finish, wedding planning is a lot of work, so the only thing you can do is enjoy each other's company and creativity in the process.

Kevin: "Just have fun! We were heavily complimented on how stress-free our wedding day was. You have to think of yourself as a guest at your own wedding. So even with the planning, just have fun doing it together!"


They didn't really say this, but come on—look at their photos! Does it get any more adorable than that?


Madeline: "We even forgot to cut our cake because we were just having such a great time...Even with reminders from the coordinator and the DJ, we still never cut the cake, so it's just sitting in our freezer now. I don't know if we'll wait a year for our anniversary to eat it, because cake is really good, and sometimes you just need good cake."

Kevin: "There were a lot of times where things didn't go entirely according to our timeline, but we just adapted and went with the flow. Nothing truly went wrong, but even if it did, it didn't matter because it was our wedding day!"


As if the photos don't say enough about Madeline and Kevin's care-free, happy day, check out their wedding video!

Vendors: Venue: Lauxmont Farms Weddings

Caterer: Mission BBQ

Photographer: Katy Trefry

String Quartet: Vivace Live

Caricaturist: James Brook

Officiant: Kendall Cuthie Coordinator: Events by Gillian

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