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Maureen & Nathan - September 22, 2018

I promise that you won't find a sweeter couple than Maureen & Nathan. Two of the kindest souls that we had the pleasure of working with during the 2018 wedding season! Maureen & Nathan were married at our Rotunda on Saturday, September 22nd, 2018.

We asked Maureen the following questions about her and Nathan's love. The answers below are in her own words. Maureen & Nathan were an absolute delight! We hope that you enjoy taking a peak into their special day at Lauxmont Farms.

How did you & Nathan meet?

Nathan and I were close friends -- texting each other goodnight and going on extended, late-night walks-- long before we started dating in college. We parted ways after graduation and I moved across the country, but we were never far from each other's hearts. Almost three years later, Nathan took a chance and flew out to visit me; the rest is history.

How did Nathan propose?

It was a bitter cold January day, and I was visiting Nathan in Lititz, where he was attending watchmaking school. It was a special weekend: that Monday would be our first anniversary getting back together after almost four years apart.

We spent the day at the outlets, but for some reason, Nathan wanted to get home before sunset to go for a walk in the park. One of our rituals was feeding the ducks in Lititz Springs Park (I even bought him bulk duck food for Christmas that year - romantic, right?). I was feeling lazy and pretty grumpy that he'd cut our shopping short, but obliged.

When we got to the park, he threw a couple handfuls of food into the stream, and asked if I wanted some. I said no thanks, and he looked disappointed and asking again. I playfully sighed, rolled my eyes, and stuck out my hand. He sprinkled some food into my hand, along with a tiny clear plastic box. Nathan loves to collect trinkets (even off the ground sometimes) so I assumed this was something he'd picked up on one of his walks. I pointed to the box and said "Umm, this is yours," and gestured at him to take it back. He smiled warmly, and said, "No, that's for you." It was a ring he'd spent the last couple of months designing himself.

I didn't wrap my arms around him, cry or give him a big kiss. I stood there, frozen, and croaked an awkward "Yyyes?" He caught me completely off guard. And I wouldn't have had it happen any other way.

Favorite memories of the day?

My favorite memory of the day was enjoying our time together during the "first look" photos. It was a busy, crazy day, and having time to ourselves helped us be still and share that quiet bliss and anticipation. There was nothing else like it. Our photographer, Bekah, made us feel so comfortable and we were on cloud nine, like giddy teenagers.

Why did you choose Lauxmont Farms?

Nathan and I visited Lauxmont just a week after getting engaged. We fell in love with the view of the Susquehanna River and the wistful, romantic setting. In addition to the beauty and elegance of the venue, we also loved its simplicity; it didn't need many decorations because the setting stood on its own. We wanted our commitment, family, friends, and good food to be the highlights of our wedding day, rather than lavish decorations and Pinterest projects.

Nathan had been living in Lititz for two years, following his dreams of becoming a watchmaker, while I lived in the D.C. area. We took turns visiting each other on the weekends, and had so much fun exploring Amish country and experiencing a new culture. We knew we had a limited time there, and seized the opportunity to get married and share the beautiful rolling hills with our loved ones.

Advice for couples on their wedding day?

First, take a minute to be still with your spouse-to-be. The day will be filled with so many photos, activities, and people, that it's hard to savor the moment. Schedule some time, even if it's just a few minutes, to be alone with each other and appreciate the big, wonderful step you're taking together. This wedding is all about you two and your incredible love- celebrate that!

Second, accept that you can't plan for everything. Stressing out over the details and trying to plan for every situation will likely only make you (and your fiance) crazy. Fight the expectation that your wedding day has to be the "best day of your life." I married my sweetheart and we had a lot of wonderful moments, but my wedding day was far from perfect. During cocktail hour, my brother suffered a severe allergic reaction to the walnuts in pâté and we had to call the paramedics. He recovered, but needless to say, the incident threw off my "groove" for the rest of the day, and I returned to our hotel room that night emotionally exhausted and in tears.

Throughout the seventeen months of wedding planning, I stressed over so many things, and in the end, a big thing happened that I never could have seen coming, let alone prevented. My advice: enjoy the planning and anticipation of the big day, but be gentle with yourself. Wedding day perfection exists only in The Knot. Your wedding is one special day, but your marriage will last a lifetime.

Where did you get inspiration for your wedding day?

We were inspired by Lauxmont's charm and the understated beauty of the countryside. We wanted our palette to complement the setting rather than compete with it, so we chose earthier colors: blue, greens, and ivory. We loved that the view at the Rotunda spoke for itself, and that we didn't need many decorations.

If you could do it all again, would you change anything?

I would have eaten another cupcake and never left the dance floor. Also probably would have taken pâté off the menu.

Congratulations, Maureen & Nathan! Thank you for sharing your wedding day and your forever love with us here at Lauxmont Farms. We wish you nothing but the absolute best in your future!


Photography: Bekah Kay Creative

Venue: Lauxmont Farms

Dress: Couture by Posh Bridal

Catering: Upohar

Cake: Lancaster Cupcake

Flowers: Petals with Style

Hair & Makeup: Bristle & Prim

Shuttle: Premiere Shuttle

Speakers: 4th Street Sound

Day of Coordinator: Simply Events- Nicole

Bartender: Just Bartending

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