Sunken Garden

Guests gather around a lily pond in an exquisite sunken garden. A bride descends flagstone steps to meet her groom under a hushed cathedral of ancient trees. 

Family and friends sip cocktails around the circa-1920s swimming pool, encased by wrought iron gates dripping in summer roses, iris, azaleas, and hydrangeas. The expertise of famed New York landscape architect Charles Downing Lay--think Bryant Park in Manhattan--is presented in three tiers, layered to showcase water as the central theme. 

An elegant tent over-arches the reception and dance floor, with a backdrop of the river at sunset. The night, as you both dreamed it would be, is magical. 


Fall 2018 at the Sunken Garden
Captured by Bodnar Film Co. 

Cristin & Alex


Fall 2019 at the Sunken Garden
Captured by Sheila Nolt Photography

Alisha & Johnny


Fall 2019 at the Sunken Garden
Captured by April & Bryan

Kim & Brandon

Fall 2020 at the Sunken Garden
Captured by Danielle Winne

Esther & Marcus